Supporting Carers on World Spine Day 2016

Oct 16, 2016

October 16th 2016 is World Spine Day and this year the theme is on both paid and unpaid carers. The UK is home to millions of unpaid carers who provide care and support on varying levels to family members and friends. They are an unpaid and sometimes invisible workforce that saves the UK Government billions of pounds every year.

Due to the nature of caring, both paid and unpaid carers can be at risk of higher levels of physical and emotional stress than others, which means that they end up putting their own health at risk.

Recent statistics suggest that over 70% of the UK’s unpaid carers are suffering from back pain and are at greater risk of developing chronic pain. This can be highly disabling in a third of cases, and life-long for the majority. As well as back pain, carers may also suffer from hip, neck and shoulder pain.

Here at The Lansdown Clinic our Chiropractors are proudly supporting World Spine Day by raising back awareness for both paid and unpaid carers. We are supporting the initiative by offering free 30 minute Chiropractic Consultations to both paid and unpaid carers for the whole month of October 2016. This includes all types of carers, from mums and dads to carers of adults and the elderly.

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