Supporting Stroud Half Marathon Runners

Oct 1, 2017

The award winning Lansdown Clinic in the heart of the Stroud is helping Stroud’s half marathon runners get into shape before the big event.

Chiropractor and Clinic Director Tara Marwaha has treated many marathon runners including a few from Stroud that have taken part in marathons around the world including Italy, New York and London.

“Road running takes its toll on your spine and joints, it is therefore very important to address any niggles and potential weaknesses that may lead to an injury. Running with a pre-existing injury can cause you to compensate leading to other chronic injuries.” Tara Marwaha, Clinic Director

The clinic also has a specialist Biomechanical Podiatrist, Victoria John, who after working the Military has a real passion for running biomechanics. Victoria uses the state of the art diagnostic tool OptoGait that uses digital technology to highlight the changes in your running gait that can often be missed.

“The OpoGait is an amazing tool that uses modern technology to asses and enhance your running techniques which can improve your running economy to help you use your energy more effectively, as well as reduce likelihood of injury. Your gait is the most important part of your biomechanics, as if your foot posture is wrong, you can develop problems up the chain e.g. knees, hips and low back pain.” Victoria John, Specialist Biomechanics Podiatrist

To help Stroud’s runners this year the clinic is running a special offer for all half marathon runners pre and post-race:

  • 50% off chiropractic consultations.
  • £20 off biomechanical assessments with Victoria John.
  • 10% off general foot care.
  • £5 off sports massages, post and pre marathon.
  • Sports taping for £7.

The offer will end on 10th November 2017.

Appointments can be booked by calling The Lansdown Clinic reception on 01453 755799 or you can email