World Spine Day

Oct 12, 2014

We are excited to be supporting World Spine Day here at The Lansdown Clinic.

Here is a little bit of information about World Spine Day.


  1. Raise awareness about spinal health and spine disorders within the interdisciplinary health care community and amongst public policy decision-makers and the general public;
  2. To provide an opportunity for and encourage ongoing discussion about the burden of spinal disorders; and
  3. To promote an interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to easing the burden of spinal disorders.

This years theme is “Straighten Up and Move, this emphasizes the importance of healthy spinal posture and activity which promotes body awareness and minimizes the day-to-day wear and tear on a person’s spine.  The theme of posture and movement supports the BJD’s Vision of “Keep People Moving”.  The intent of WSD is to bring people from all walks of life – patients, health providers, health care organizations, associations and governments to help ease this global burden.  In order to gain momentum and effectively do this, we need to work collaboratively together in the prevention and management of these types of disorders.