Sports Therapists

Jun 3, 2024

There is common misconception that Sports therapists only cater for the elite or sporting individuals. It would surprise people to know that our expertise can be extended to beyond the realms of sport. Below I’ve highlighted how Sports Therapists here at TLC can help everyone when it comes to injuries.

1) Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation:

Sport Therapists specialise in preventing and rehabilitating injuries. Everyday activities, workplace incidents and even household chores can lead to an injury. Sports therapists are well equipped to help individuals recover with a range of tips and tricks such as exercises and acupuncture. 

2) General Wellness and Health:

Sports therapists are knowledgeable about overall health and well-being. They can provide guidance on improving one’s physical condition, posture, and even stress management. This knowledge is beneficial for everyone, regardless of whether they’re an athlete or not.

3) Seniors and Aging Population:

As people age, they often face various physical challenges, such as decreased mobility and balance issues. Sports therapists can play a vital role in helping seniors maintain their independence, reduce the risk of falls, and improve their overall quality of life.

4) Pre- and Post-Surgery Care:

Before and after surgeries, individuals may benefit from sports therapy to optimize their condition for a successful operation and to aid in a speedy recovery. Research has shown that early intervention before surgery at least 8-12 weeks before a schedule procedure and help improve overall functioning after surgery. It also helps with any secondary conditions that arise from the initial primary dysfunction.